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Friday, May 27, 2011

Glycerin Soap - My First Attempt

I wanted to add something small to the gift that I was giving my mom for Mother's day (I know, Mother's day was several weeks ago, but I thought that you still might be interested) and I thought that some home-made soap would be perfect!  I have never tried making any soap before, so I figured that I would start with something easy.  I've seen a lot of posts on making glycerin soap and it looked pretty and easy, so I gave it a try.

Now it wasn't a total fail, but it wasn't a total success either.  Thus, I have titled this my first attempt!

The actual making of the soap was easy (just my type of craft!).  All it required was melting the glycerin in the microwave, adding any extras, stirring, pouring and chilling.  I was thrilled with the way that the scent turned out - I used a combination of orange zest and mint essential oil that resulted in a wonderful fresh scent.  I also liked the orange color that was created from the zest.  Unfortunately (even after all of my stirring) most of the zest ended up clumping together and floating to the top, rather than distributing throughout the soap (giving it a dirty look in my opinion).

Regardless, since it was a gift for my mother, made by me, she loved it.  I guess that love of homemade gifts from your kids never dies!

Fortunately I did only make one batch.  Hopefully next time, it will turn out a little better and I can give her some pretty soap next year!

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