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Friday, May 6, 2011

Story Time

Baby Time Group
Tuesday was Little Bear's last baby story time for this school year.  Little Bear and I began attending baby story time when he was 4 months old.  We attend at two libraries so that Little Bear can interact with more children (and I can interact with more parents!) and we can be sure that we always make at least one session a week.  Although story time is over for the summer vacation, we will be signing up for the summer reading program at our library and participating in other events at the library.  And next year we'll be back at story time again!

Little Bear with his prize (the stuffed duck) from his first reading challenge (plus his library books for the week!)

I am a huge supporter of reading to and with your child.  The benefits of reading to your child are amazing!
- Develops language skills
- Improves future reading skills
- Increases interest and desire to read
- Increases vocabulary
- Enriches his life by exposing him to ideas, cultures, history, etc.
- Improves critical thinking skills
- Develops confidence
- Influences behaviors
- Prepares him for new experiences
- Creates bonding time
- Increases attention span
- Fosters natural curiosity

Attending a story time event at your library or bookstore adds even more to the benefit of reading.
- Learn social skills with other children and other adults
- Teaches listening behaviors
- Prepares for school
- Develops an external encouragement for education and reading

So if you don't already, please start reading with your child.  They are never too young!  And if you already read to your child, look into attending a story time at your local library or book store.  They are typically free, fun and a great way to meet other parents!

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  1. I loved these moments with my children! I miss the story times and the other child and me classes! Now all my babies are in shcool and my little guy is finishing his first year in kindergarten!! Glad you had fun! I have always loved reading to my children and still enjoy it!! Have a happy Mothers Day!


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