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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Yard Sale Deals & Steals [3]

Here's the tally from this week:

For Little Bear:
La Petite Rothschild snowsuit
5 Children's Place sweater vests (2 with matching socks)
1 Gap short sleeved polo shirt
1 Osh Kosh long sleeved button down shirt
2 Children's Place long sleeved button down shirts
1 pair of Chaps jeans
1 pair of Chaps chinos
1 pair of Children's Place khakis
1 pair of Children's Place short overalls
1 pair of Gap shorts
1 pair of Izod shorts
1 pair of Carters summer pajamas
5 pair of Carters footed fleece pajamas
1 Gap lightweight jacket
1 Children's Place lined barn coat
4 Children's Place sweaters
2 Carter's one piece summer outfits
1 Carters long sleeved shirt
1 Osh Kosh short sleeved polo shirt
1  George short sleeved polo shirt
1 long sleeved Gap tshirt
1 pair of Gap camo pants
1 pair of Old Navy shorts
1 pair of Children's Place sandals
2 wood puzzles
1 Lightning McQueen talking car
1 plastic Percy car
1 bag of toddler silverware
3 Builder Bob books

Here are pics of some of my favorites:

Gap polo - $.50, Izod shorts - $.50

Children's Place shirt - $.50, Children's Place vest - $.50, Chaps chinos - $.50, Children's Place socks - $.25

Gap shirt - $.50, Gap pants - $.50

Osh Kosh shirt - $.50, Gap shorts - $.50

Children's Place vest - $.50, Children's Place socks - $.25

Nada for Papa Bear or myself this week.  But considering that I only went to 1 yardsale, I'd say I did pretty well!

Grand Total: $24.00

Update:  I hit a few more yardsales on Saturday.  They weren't that great, but I did pick up some books for Little Bear.  Here's the list:

Happy Baby Colors
Happy Baby Words
How Do I Love You?
Baby's Goodnight
My Little Book of Aircraft
Little Duck
I Love Trains
Animal Alphabet
My Very First Winnie the Pooh Growing Up Stories
Go, Go, Planes

Saturday Total: $2.00

My Mother-in-law (aka as Grammy) also goes to yard sales every Friday.  She also had a great day!  I don't have a full list but here are some of the things that she picked up for Little Bear:

Play kitchen with food, microwave and cart
Additional large bag of play food
Some clothes
Play cleaning kit (mop, broom, dust pan, etc.)
Build and play action models (race car, helicopter, submarine)
3 hats
Megamagz building kit (for when he gets older!)
3 pair of shoes
And other toys which I can't remember at the moment!

Little Bear is showing Pa his new kitchen.

Uncle B enjoys the new action models as much as Little Bear!

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