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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Becoming Tech Savvy

Some new tech developments are going on here at Home Growing Happiness!  The networked blogs facebook app is up, we have a signature, we are now listed on the Picket Fence Blogs, you can sign up to get our email, we have started a blog roll tab and we have a button!  Whew!

Now I'm not really tech savvy, so I think that these things are up and running.  I will be pretty busy for the rest of the week but I'm going to play with them over the next few days (whenever Little Bear gives me a chance that is) and hopefully get any bugs worked out.

In the mean time, please try them out and let me know!  Thanks!!!

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  1. Happy Tuesday I am a new follower from the monster blog hop and I look forward to following your blog!...Hope u can come by for a visit!

  2. Love your blog! Following you from blog hop.. I'm Opal from, hope you can check it out sometime.. :D


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