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Friday, March 11, 2011

Hello World!

Hi!  My name is Lacie and I am a stay at home mom to my amazing 14 month old little boy, affectionately known as little bear.  Now that he is my whole world, I often find myself dwelling on everything relating to him and needing an outlet (besides Papa bear!), thus this blog.  I have no idea how to do this whole blog thing - but I have found mommy blogs to be some of the best places for advice, empathy, ideas and inspiration and wanted to join this amazing community.  So much of parenting is learned as you go and I find myself constantly looking for advice on everything from the best diaper fluff to what to cook for supper.  Maybe I can even give a little advice myself!

Papa Bear and I are trying to go back to the basics and lead a simple happy life focusing on our family.  I stay home and Papa Bear works from home 3 days a week - so we all spend LOTS of time together!  I love little bear's fluffy bum and have found cloth diapering to be addicting.  I still breastfeed and we are constantly TRYING to find foods to feed our picky eater.  Typical of first time moms, I scour the internet for the newest and best toys and kid stuff - all at the best deals of course!  We want little bear to have the best - but not all of it (no sense in spoiling him too much!).  We love animals and encourage muddy feet and grass stained knees - that's what childhood should be about, right?  We watch little TV but LOVE to read.  So along with all of that, I'm trying to make the switch from being an undomestic goddess to at least a semi-accomplished homemaker, which means plenty of blunders and lessons in cooking, cleaning and even sewing!

So jump in and join me!

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