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Sunday, March 27, 2011

My son has a mullet!

You may have noticed from Little Bear's pictures that his hair is getting quite long.  Even before he was born, we knew that Little Bear had lots of hair.  Not because I had heartburn, but because during my ultrasounds, the tech pointed out all of the hair that was swaying in the amniotic fluid.  Little Bear was born with a head full of dark hair and although it lightened in color, it never fell out and has continued to grow longer and longer.

It started getting noticeably long when Little Bear was about 10 months old but I wanted to wait until he had his first birthday to get it cut.  Although Papa Bear seemed okay with cutting it, I didn't want my little baby to grow up too soon!  When Little Bear's first birthday came, Papa Bear and I were both reluctant to cut it and decided to wait a little longer.  Around 13 months I started to get a little annoyed at the comments by random strangers about how cute my "little girl" was and decided that I was ready for the big cut.  But this time Papa Bear wasn't ready.  We compromised and decided that Little Bear would watch Papa Bear get his hair cut this time and next time, both of my boys would get their hair cut.

I need a hair cut!
The time has arrived but Papa Bear is still reluctant.  However today I pointed out that Little Bear's bangs were in his eyes and he was always itching his ears because his hair was in them and this did get Papa Bear to agree to a trim.

Snip!  Snip!  Snip!
How many people does it take to cut a 14 mont old's hair?
Aunt A did the cutting and you can see that the whole family helped out with entertaining him.  Little Bear did an amazing job!  He didn't cry, grab at the scissors, or try to escape.  The front looks great!

Short in the Front.  Long in the Back.
However, what I didn't think about was that he now has a nice trimmed front, and a long crazy back - essentially a baby mullet!  Here's to hoping that the mullet convinces Daddy that we need to finish what we started!

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