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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Blowouts and Black eyes

Little bear had a rough morning...  a diaper blow out and a black eye....

So when I opened the door to little bear's room this morning, my nose was assaulted - you know the smell...  Major poop.  Typically little bear is always in cloth but yesterday I made an oops and was behind in my diaper laundry.  Everything was washing but there was no way that it would be dry for bed time.  No biggie - I had some left over sposies and I figured that this was an opportunity to get rid of one.  So my first thought this morning was "Great!  No diaper spraying!"  Little did I know, I was in for much worse.  In the past 12+ months that little bear has worn cloth, we have only had 1 diaper blowout.  On the few occasions that he has worn disposables, the record is not nearly as good and this morning was a disaster!  He had poop up his front, down his leg and up his back - we headed straight for the shower.  Ugh, what a mess!  Just another reminder as to why I prefer cloth!

Little bear's first black eye.  Poor boy!
Later this morning...  I was hanging up his diapers in the basement to dry and little bear was upstairs with Papa.  He was walking/running around playing with the dog when he took a pretty good spill.  He managed to somehow land on his face and has his first badge of independence - a black eye.  Of course a mama feels horrible to see the growing bruise around his eye but it was just a reminder of what's to come.

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