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Monday, March 28, 2011

Dining Out

Lots of people go out to eat with babies and toddlers.  Not me!  I was terrified of taking Little Bear out to a restaurant (even a fast food one!) and having him meltdown.  Or figuring that even if he didn't meltdown I would be too busy taking care of him to even enjoy eating.

Well, I was WRONG!

Recently NanNan and Pap came for a visit and I decided that with their support we could risk a meal out, as long as it was either fast food or a buffet (I still wasn't ready to risk waiting to place an order and wait for our food to come).  I loaded up Little Bear's high chair cover and a bag full of food and toys.  I looked like I was moving in, but I was prepared for anything!

Turns out, Little Bear loves eating out!  Not that he actually loves eating out (since he ate the same things that he eats at home), but he loved watching all of the people.  I didn't even need the bagful of toys!  And I actually enjoyed a leisurely meal.

In my opinion, I did need the highchair cover since the one provided by the restaurant seemed kind of gross and cleaning the table in front of him was key.  Bringing his own food (of course) was essential (and a bib and a wipe) but really that was it.

Baby personalities are all different so  maybe it wouldn't always be so easy, but seriously - go for it!  If worst comes to worst, pack up your food and go.  Maybe next time, I'll even be brave enough to eat somewhere with a menu that doesn't hang on the wall!  :o)

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