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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring is Springing!

Yesterday was gorgeous!  It was the perfect spring day!  Really it could be perfect any time of the year...  mid 70s, sunshine, blue skies, nice breeze...  Okay, so I know that it was just a tease and although spring technically will start tomorrow, it will still be awhile until those beautiful days return but there were signs that spring was springing.  Little Bear and I saw daffodils popping up, grass growing, trees budding, even some frogs hopping into the pond!

I am soooo excited for spring to come so that Little Bear and I can get outside.  Last spring we went out for walks with Little Bear riding in the stroller, but this year Little Bear will be running around himself!  I can't wait and neither can he - He already tries to escape out the door and gets upset when the dog gets to go out and he doesn't.

So yesterday Little Bear and I spent most of the afternoon outside and it was a day of firsts for him.  He finally got to ride in the wagon that NanNan and Pap got him for Christmas.  He seemed to be quite comfortable and after he got tired of watching the world pass by, he spent some time catching up on his reading and making some phone calls.

We spent some time at the park.  Although going to the park wasn't a first, it was the first time that he let go of my hand to walk outside by himself.  He runs around the house but that uneven ground really has him scared!  I think the fact that we were the only ones at the park gave him a little more courage.  Maybe because he wasn't distracted watching the other kids or maybe because he didn't have to worry about being shy and clinging to mommy.

After we got home, Papa Bear took Little Bear for his first boat ride on the pond.  I got Little Bear a life jacket the other day (and the new hat that he actually wanted to wear all day!  Yay!), so now he's all set.  I think that Papa Bear was pretty excited to take him out on the pond, but he wasn't so excited that he had to wear a life jacket too (oops - its a little small, I guess I'll need to get a new one for him too, if I expect him to set a good example).

Finally, a perfect end to a perfect day.  Now let's look forward to the next beautiful day!

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