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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New Things We Love

Every couple of weeks or so, Little Bear and I will share with you some of the new things that we have come across and really like.  Some of them are for mommies, some are for babies, and some are for anyone!  If we really, really like them, we'll probably give them a full review later.

1.  Degree Nature Effects deodorant (Refreshing honeysuckle and tea tree oil) - So I put this on for the first time the other day and basically forgot about it (I mean really, who thinks about their deodorant after they put it on - unless they start to stink).  But several times during the day I smelled something really good and couldn't figure out what it was.  Finally I realized - it was my deodorant!  It smells amazing!  Oh - and I stayed dry too!

2.  HappyBaby organic baby food in eco-friendly pouches - We picked some of these up to try out the other day and they were great!  Little Bear loved the flavors and being able to squeeze the pouch himself.  He also loved trying to put the cap on and off.  I loved that they were easy to transport and I could feed him anywhere, without having to worry about carrying a spoon and bowl.  I also liked the large cap so I didn't have to worry so much about Little Bear swallowing that instead of the food.

3.  Bissell Steam and sweep - I admit it, I hate to clean.  I really hate to clean my hardwood floors since I have to sweep them and then mop them.  This machine has actually made me start cleaning my floor!  It is so easy and saves me so much time since I can vacuum and steam all at once.  I also love that it is super quiet, maneuvers easily around corners and under tables, and doesn't use any chemicals.  Finally - Clean floors!

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