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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Review: Thirsties Duo Wrap

Typically I am a pocket diaper mama.  However there are times that I use fitteds and prefolds and I was looking for a good waterproof cover.  I've heard a lot about the Thirsties Duo Wrap, so I figured that it was time to give it a try.

Here is the Thirsties Duo Wrap in white with aplix.  It is set on the smallest rise setting.

The Duo Wrap is an adjustable rise cover made of PUL that comes in snaps or aplix and a variety of colors and patterns.  As a snap cover it has a single row of front snaps.  It is available in two sizes:

Size 1: 6-18lbs. (0-9 months)
Size 2: 18-40 lbs. (9-36 months)

Each size can be adjusted to 3 different rises by using the three rows of snaps on the front of the diaper.

Largest rise setting - all 3 rows of rise adjusting snaps are visible.

Little Bear fell into the bottom of the size 2 range, at ~20 lbs.  The diaper just fit Little Bear on the smallest setting.  At this point, he may have been able to fit into the size 1, but I like that the size 2 had plenty of room to grow.  Typically I left the Duo Wrap on the smallest setting however when I added a doubler, I needed to move to the second setting in order to allow for the additional layers and get a high enough rise for my preference.  As the Duo Wrap is a very thin cover, it still kept the overall diaper system very trim.

Regardless of size and thickness, the important fact was that Little Bear had NO leaks!

The PUL on the Duo Wrap was soft and flexible, which made for a comfortable, quiet cover.  It also seemed fairly breathable for a PUL cover.  With the leg gussets I did not have to worry about leaks, even when Little Bear was wearing a thick diaper underneath.  The binding was nice and soft and I never found red marks or irritation on Little Bear's legs or waist.

Leg gussets are excellent for preventing leaks!

I ordered the Duo Wrap with aplix (I find that I am able to get a better fit and diaper a moving toddler much faster this way) however I did not feel that the aplix was as strong as I would have liked.  Several times Little Bear was able to open the wrap and take it off.  The snaps for adjusting the rise seemed very strong.  At some points, I was actually afraid that I would rip the PUL because I had to pull so hard on the snaps.

The inner is easily wiped clean and has fold over laundry tabs.
One of the great things about the Duo Wrap is that it can easily be wiped out and reused, as long as it has not become too soiled during wear.  Personally I always washed the cover following a poo but in a pinch, it could have been wiped and reused.  I also chose to air out the cover in between uses, to avoid any urine smell.  Washing was easy - I threw it in for a hot wash with the rest of my diapers and then line dried.  The fold over laundry tabs worked well and I only encountered one instance of the dreaded laundry snake.

As someone who does not use covers on a daily basis, I like the Duo Wrap because I do not have to buy newborn through large sizes.  While  one size cover is ideal for saving money, it does not always give the best fit.  The two size system used by Thirsties seems to be a great compromise that allows parents to save money yet still get a great, trim fit.

Check it out for yourself at Thirsties!

Disclaimer:  This is my personal and honest opinion of this product which I purchased independently.  I was not provided with any compensation or products for this review.

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