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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dollar Store Decorating

My love of dollar stores began in grad school when I had no money.  My love of dollar stores grew when I began teaching and needed to buy supplies for my classroom.  Now I find it a great place to get craft supplies, cheap toys for Little Bear, and all kinds of other odds and ends.

The other day I came across these great Main Street Wall Creations wall sayings in the Dollar Tree (where everything is $1!)  They aren't large but they are the perfect size for above windows or pictures, back-splashes or in any other small spot.  They are self-adhesive and were very easy to stick on the wall.  I also tried removing them and the peeled off easily, leaving no mark.  And best of all, they re-stuck!  The stickers are translucent, so they will blend in anywhere.

I purchased four basic sayings in neutral grayish tones.  Three of the stickers were one piece (family, home, and love).  The fourth sticker (that I haven't put up yet) says "Live well.  Laugh often.  Love much." and is in multiple pieces that can be arranged any way you want.

"There's no place like HOME"

"LOVE makes a house a home"

"Family  A gift that lasts forever"

They had a variety of other sayings in neutral tones, as well as colorful stickers for kids and teens rooms.  There were even wall stickers with write on surfaces.

I thought that these were an excellent way to add a little decoration to a boring area without spending a lot of money.  It is also quick and easy to remove if you change your mind.  So if you are looking for a cheap, easy way to spruce up a room, check these out!

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