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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tot Tip - Table Covers

Right around his first birthday Little Bear decided that he did not like his high chair and would throw fits every time we tried to put him in it.  We ended up switching back to the space saver high chair which worked for awhile but then he did not want to sit in that either.  Ultimately we discovered that Little Bear wanted to sit at the table with us.  So he now uses his space saver high chair as a booster seat and sits right at the table.

While this ended meal time tantrums it was bad news for my table.  I could no longer use a table cloth because it was getting covered in food and without the table cloth the wood was starting to wear at Little Bear's end of the table.  Plus clean up was a general mess every day.

I finally figured out a great solution!

Other than a little shine, no one will notice your vinyl table cover.

I purchased several yards of clear 20 gauge vinyl and covered my table. Now my table is protected and clean up is as easy as wiping the table!  I was even able to put a tablecloth back on underneath the vinyl.  This works great not only for eating but also for those messy crafts and crayons that you don't want on the table.  And it still allows you to attach suction cups for toys, bowls, etc.

Spilled yogurt and strawberries?  No problem.  Just wipe it up!

So if you have a messy toddler, I highly recommend covering your table in clear vinyl.  Other than a little shine, you wouldn't even notice it and you will truly appreciate the new ease of cleaning! :o)

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  1. what a handy solution!
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