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Saturday, April 2, 2011

I love Bamboo!

When I first started cloth diapering, I thought that microfiber was the most amazing insert material.  Since then I've realized that microfiber has its benefits but also its drawbacks and I have started trying out some other fabrics.  I've tried hemp, cotton, bamboo and zorb.  And my new favorite - Bamboo!  I love it!  

After buying and trying a variety of inserts I have come to the conclusion that bamboo is now the most amazing insert material (in my humble opinion).  It is very absorbent, naturally antimicrobial, doesn't get the stinkies and it is soooo soft!

I actually decided that for my first sewing project, I would make a set of new diaper inserts for Little Bear out of bamboo fabrics.  I ordered bamboo fleece, bamboo terry and bamboo velour so that I could try a variety of combinations.  When the order arrived I literally just sat and held the fabrics.  They were so soft that I didn't even want to cut them up to sew!  Crazy, I know.

Eventually I did cut them up and sew the inserts.  And although they aren't the prettiest looking inserts (based on my sewing abilities that is) they are now the first ones that I grab to stuff my pockets.

Fortunately I ordered extra fabric, so now I get to use it for other projects.  I am thinking of making some prefolds with it next.  And then... who knows?  But I want to move outside of the diaper realm - maybe I'll make a nice cozy blanket for little bear... or one for me!

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