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Monday, April 4, 2011

Weight Worries are Wasted Time

Last week I shared with all of you about my worries over Little Bear's weight at his upcoming well baby exam and I wanted to give you an update.  All of the time that I spent worrying about his weight was a waste of time!  I honestly already knew that, but it is so hard to overcome those fears without reassurance. 

As it turned out, Little Bear still hasn't crossed the 20 lb. mark.  Actually he is still a half pound away which puts him in the first percentile for weight (why we put so much emphasis on these statistics is beyond me).  But the important part is that his pediatrician confirmed my belief that he is healthy, happy and doing just fine!  Surprisingly he actually grew almost 2 in. which in my opinion explains a lot of why he didn't gain much weight. 

Based on Little Bear's eating habits, developmental milestones, lack of any evidence of intestinal problems (such as vomiting, diarrhea) and parents, his pediatrician figures that he is simply going to be a "slender kid" and that his size is based mainly on genetics.  He just wants us to continue offering him healthy foods and bring him back for his 18 month well baby.  I probably looked like quite a dork with my big ear to ear smile when the doctor said this. 

Of course, now I know that worrying about Little Bear's weight was pointless but so much emphasis is placed on statistics and standards that they often overshadow what we know instinctively.  I am hoping that this experience will teach me to follow my own instincts more when it comes to Little Bear - I mean really, who knows him better than me?

This experience has also shown me how important it is to have a pediatrician that you are comfortable with and trust for your child.  Previously we would take Little Bear to whoever was available at his practice but now we know which doctor we will be choosing every time.  Often it is hard to know which doctor you are most comfortable with at first, but keep trying because eventually a time will come when you will know who is best for you and your child.


  1. As parents we are always worrying about something aren't we? Good to know that everything is fine.

    Just popping by on the blog hop and to say I love your blog and I'm following ... :0)

  2. Following back!

    Thanks for joining in the Hop!

    Madeline from the The Professionally Insane M


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