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Friday, April 22, 2011

Eggs for Everyone

Are you having company over Easter?  Here's an easy way to make personalized omelets for everyone, without having to cook them one at a time.  The result - hot, personalized omelets for everyone at the table, at the same time, and only one dirty dish!

1.  Distribute freezer storage bags containing 2 eggs to each person.  You may want to write names on the bags for easy identification later!

2.  Provide cheese, bacon, ham, chopped vegetables, etc.  Each person can personalize his or her omelet by adding ingredients to the bag.

This will be a cheese and bacon omelet.

3.  Press out all of the air and seal the bag closed.  Use your hands to mash the bag until the yolks are broken and all ingredients are mixed.

4.  Add bags to a pan of boiling water (multiple bags can be placed in one pan of water).

5.  Boil bags for 13 minutes.

Oops!  Make sure that you have good quality freezer bags!  No harm done, even if your bag does break. 

6.  Remove bags from water and allow to cool for several minutes.  Eggs will easily slide out of open bags.  Garnish and serve!  Enjoy!

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