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Friday, April 1, 2011

Glimpse: Where I Call Home [2]

Welcome back to the second installment of Glimpse: Where I Call Home!

Come on in!

Welcome to our home!
You can see straight through our house.  This is looking straight from the front door to the patio doors.  We love having an open floor plan - but it means that Little Bear has full run of the downstairs!

To your right is Papa Bear's office.  Someday we would love to put built in bookshelves along the back wall.  You can also see the cream colored couch that we have lugged from house to house but can't bear to get rid of  because it is sooo comfy!  (And don't want to move upstairs or down because it is sooo heavy!)
The living room is filled with Little Bear's toys.  Normally they are all over the living room and the dining room and the kitchen and the office....  But he had just gone down for his nap, so I did a quick pick up!

The dining room as seen from the kitchen
I love the big kitchen, but I wish my island had cabinets instead of  shelves!  Needless to say, all of the baskets have to be filled with kid friendly stuff and we have to watch out for climbers...

Hope you enjoyed your glimpse into our home!  Come back and visit again soon!

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