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Monday, April 18, 2011

New Things We Love {2}

Here are a few of the things that we have discovered in the last few weeks (and loved!).

1.  Tinydiner Portable Placemat by Kiddopotamus (Disney version) - Little Bear has become pretty independent at feeding himself but of course he isn't too talented at it yet and we get lots of messes!  This placement has been great for easing cleanup.  It suctions to the table and is easy to clean.  Plus - my favorite part - it has a tray to catch everything that he drops!  This is great since we no longer use the highchair tray and stuff is always ending up in his lap.  Plus its portable for when we travel.

2.  Crystal Light Sunrise Classic Orange - I used to love a glass of juice every morning but I have since given it up because it has so much sugar.  Crystal Light Sunrise Classic Orange is my new "fake" juice in the morning.  It reminds of me the old Five Alive juice that I used to have when I was younger and wakes my tastebuds up.

3.  Salad Sac - Here's a new sprout of going green in my life.  The salad sac is a great reusable way to store produce (rather than my old method of plastic bags) and it really does keep my produce fresh longer (thereby reducing my waste!).  I love that you can mix the vegetables up but since it recommends a separate bag for potatoes, I may need to get more!


4.  MoJack EZ - This one is for Papa Bear and all of the other lawn mowing daddies out there.  I actually bought this for Papa Bear for his birthday back in December, but now that it is lawn mowing season we have finally put it to work.  Papa Bear was always lifting his lawn tractor and putting it up on blocks to clean out the blades and it made me super nervous.  This thing is amazing!  Papa Bear no longer has to lift the tractor, he can just crank it up.  And most importantly, I don't have to worry so much about it falling on his head!

5.  Baby Bjorn Potty Chair - Honestly I have no expectation of Little Bear potty learning right now.  But he does have a fascination with the potty, so I figured that I might as well go ahead and get his potty chair.  I'm certainly not going to discourage this interest!  Anyway, I can't say much as far as the potty learning goes yet, but I can say that he loves this chair!  It is the perfect size for him to get on and off of by himself and he seems fairly comfortable sitting on it.  In the last 2 days he has wanted to sit on it multiple times to read and has actually used it to pee in already.

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